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Break free from this subtle destroyer and reclaim a life of passion and purpose. Pythons have an interesting way of killing their prey. They constrict it until it can no longer breathe, literally suffocating the life out of it. In the spirit realm Satan often works in the same way, slowly slithering his way into our lives, attempting to choke the very life out of us.   The python spirit can squeeze the joy out of your worship and prayers. It can pressure you to keep quiet when God wants you to speak up. And it can steal the peace of knowing that you belong to God. But there is a way to defeat him. You don’t have to become his prey.   The Spirit of Python helps you understand the strategies of this subtle destroyer, how he works, how to detect him, and how to break his hold from your life. You can learn to:   ·          Recognize the early warning signs that you are under attack ·          Find the ways you may have unknowingly given him access into your home ·          Bring God’s deliverance and restoration into every area of your life   We are in the middle of an unseen spiritual war. God wants to break the coils of the serpent off of your life. He wants to help you breathe again.

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GOD’S PROMISES WILL TRIUMPH TO THE ENDThe world is on edge. People are living in fear of war, disease, financial ruin, and governmental collapse. Sadly this sense of hopelessness has also infected the church. Instead of believing that darkness will overwhelm us, we must recognize that the truth of the Word of God will always triumph over the forces of the enemy. In these pages you will find never-before-seen biblical proof that you can be assured of blessing and favor in the last days. Ron Phillips brilliantly unlocks the biblical mystery of Old Testament King Hiram (hi-r?m) and explains how that same covenant blessing is available to you. You will also gain understanding on:WHY GOD IS NOT FINISHED WITH THE NATION OF ISRAELTHE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE ANCIENTCIVILIZATION OF PHOENICIA AND MODERN-DAY ISRAELTHE LESSONS YOU CAN LEARN FROM ISAAC, ANDHOW HE WALKED IN THE HUNDREDFOLD BLESSINGAND SO MUCH MORE!Though the world may try to stir fear, arm yourself with this supernatural edge to rise above end-times unrest.

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How To Thrive In The Last Days

Author: Frontline

Today’s ever-present threats of terrorist attacks, cataclysmic storms, upheaval in worldwide financial and commodities markets, and threats to the State of Israel have sparked renewed predictions that we are living in the end of time. Many live in fear of not having enough or losing everything when end-time prophecies come to pass.

God’s people need not live in a state of paralysis, wondering how they can survive uncertainty and upheaval. How to Thrive in the Last Days will show you ways of finding hope and safety in God’s promises. You will learn practical and biblical ways to protect your finances and experience abundance in times of scarcity. You will learn that money is only one of many signs of wealth, and that we serve a God of limitless abundance and provision.

  • The need to combine hard work with biblical insights
  • Why you should save a percentage of your income instead of spending it all
  • The wisdom of living beneath your means
  • The principle of being a blessing to others, not just a channel of receiving