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My personal technology support provides everything you need to succeed without sacrificing the things you cherish most in life. Many would have you believe that personal privacy is a thing of the past and that you can’t live a good life without the latest tech in your life. Don’t buy in to the lies! Let me show you how to select the best tools for your desired lifestyle and teach you how to master them. My $60.00 hourly rate is backed by my personal satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not fully satisfied, I simply ask that you let me know your outstanding needs in order for me to better meet them at my own expense. In the very rare instance where I’m not able to, you will owe me nothing. I am committed to doing business right and the deal is only good if we both benefit.
Phone: 320-219-0166
Jubal 421 Designs is built around my love for God and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. My purpose is to honor the Lord with the talent that He has given me and to relay the gospel message through my abstract art designs and the word of God. Please visit my website at
Rye, New Hampshire 03830